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Talisker Storm

brine, brine, brine, and peat

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@AndyCReview by @AndyC

3rd Dec 2014


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If you really like your whiskies salty, which I quite like, then this will be right up your alley. It even out-brines Old Pulteney 12, which I also love for it's salty/barley mix.

This is a salty/peaty mix, and verges on too much salt sometimes. There is as much peat, maybe more, than in the 10 year old, but not as much of a smokiness. I'd say that the 10 year is the better whisky, but oddly I had gone off the 10 year a bit before having this, and this has somehow really re-ignited my love for all things Talisker. Really enjoyed the distillers edition that I had recently as well, although it does feel odd for the Talisker smoke and brine to be reduced to the quiet background feature that it has there. I think that the 57' North sounds where it's at if I'm to be honest though. Really looking forward to that one!

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Ol_Jas commented

I'm always looking for some good brine. Thanks for calling that out and making the comparison to OP 12.

I had one of the Talisker Storms at a local tasting a couple months ago, but I forget already which one. This one? Dark Storm? I usually keep the little flyers; I should check. I don't recall being too impressed but I think I approached it with poor expectations.

I'll say too that I like the review format here, or maybe the lack thereof. I get quite sick of Nose (list), Palate (list), Finish (list). Even in Serge's reviews on whiskyfun, I often just skip to his comments at the end. Your review here feels like nothing but the comments at the end—the good part.

Rock on.

7 years ago 0

AndyC commented

Thanks, @OlJas. It's definitely not one of the best Taliskers, but it has got something going for it. The brine / peat balance isn't quite right though. It would be better with more peat and less brine, or possibly just more peat to balance the brine, which overpowers a little. And a good bit more of that Talisker smokiness would be good too! Then it would be cracking. But, as it stands, it is worth trying again if you're a fan of salinity.

7 years ago 0

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