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Teachers Highland Cream

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29th Jun 2018


Teachers Highland Cream
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I'm trying some of the lighter Scotches over a hot summer, and this is one on my list. This one, unlike Dewar's White Label, I'm having neat. Although I will likely pour it over ice another time. A nice light caramel color in the bottle and glass. The nose has a heavy malt scent, with some background of honey and vanilla. The initial flavor is almost pure malt and honey, with not nearly the smoke of other light blends. There is also a bit of astringency and alcohol burn, but not bad. Mid-palate, there are some hints of leather and licorice, but fairly faint. The aftertaste is where a slight amount of smoke and peat comes through, but again, it is faint, and seems to appear a few minutes after you sip. There is no way to say that this is a complex whisky, but for the price and to have something light on the palate, Teacher's is a winner. If you're looking for a good summer whisky, or one to use as a mixer, you cannot go wrong with this. I'd definitely be happy to have this with a light cigar, like a Macanudo, or to fill a large cocktail glass with ice and pour it to the top.

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Victor commented

Sounds like a more lightly peated batch than what I had 5 years ago. The Teacher's Highland Cream which I have had, I have liked.

5 years ago 0

Hewie commented

From my recollection the sweetness and smoke became more prominent when on ice, and the bitter astringency was dampened down. Anyway, thanks and enjoy it for what it is.

5 years ago 0

mhock66 commented

@Hewie exactly. You take this one for exactly what it is. Nice and light, without much complexity. It’s something I’d drink at a BBQ over lots of ice, with maybe a lemon slice. A good one for hot summer days and evenings.

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