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Teachers Highland Cream

Sweet and Peaty

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@cheeserandyburgReview by @cheeserandyburg

20th Nov 2013


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The last time I had Teacher's was many, many, many years ago. Back then however I remember it being a bitterly dry whisky. Coming back to it after all these years was kinda exciting, so I decided to review it as I tasted it for the first time in 19 years.

Nose: Fresh delicate peat, followed by a vegetal herbiness. Letting it sit for a while to settle down opens up more peat along side a very faint hint of sweetness that lurks in the back. Earthy vanilla and citrus. Time passes, and now I'm getting honey/toffee/caramel. Something along the lines of a sly and candid Highland Park 12 y/o. A simple and elegant nose on this. Time settles the peat down here now and opens up the sweet notes quite a bit.

Palate: Light, restrained, arrival of peat coated in a grainy sweetness. The sweetness carries on and increases with each second while the peat subsides. Lots of sugary notes going on here. I'm getting a strong past memory of HP12 now as the finish kicks in.

Finish: Not long, but the sweetness is something else. Not sure if this is the result of the grain whiskies or the Ardmore, but this is REALLY nice. However, it's not over, the peat just came back around. Slight resemblance to HP12 once again, yet much simpler in character and quality of course.

Conclusion: Delicious stuff. It's like HP12 + Islay Mist 8 thrown together. The HP12 adds the honey and sweet notes, while the Islay Mist adds a good wallop of its peaty characteristics.

So, if you're looking for a sweet-peaty-easy-drinking whisky, then this is a great bargain. A little harsh on the sides at times and fairly light, but it's definitely not hard on the wallet and is very well worth the price. The peat really makes a come back in a gentle, escalating way as the finish rolls off.


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