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Teeling Small Batch

Fused Flavours

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@VictorReview by @Victor

3rd Apr 2015


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The reviewed bottle of Teeling Small Batch Whiskey, bottle code L14 006 144, has been open for 13 days. This whiskey has no age statement on the bottle, and was finished in rum casks for 6 months

Nose: malt, grain, and rum cask finish fuse together into a dense medium pitched somewhat amorphous bundle. Elements of each are noticeable when you look for them, but the overall effect is mostly of vanilla and muddled cereal flavours, with a bit of grape-ish fruit around the periphery. This is ok in quality, but lacks anything excellent or memorable

Taste: sharp immediate greeting, with crisp barley and crisp wheat grain flavours. This whiskey quickly goes sweet, with lots of natural caramel. Once again, some grape flavours present

Finish: from a very sweet palate sourness builds into the finish and takes complete charge by the death

Balance: murky balance in the nose is followed by a few balanced initial seconds of the initial palate. After that, unbalanced sweetness succumbs to unbalanced sourness

Water added: 1) raises the pitch in the nose, 2) dilutes, homogenises, and carmelises the palate, and 3) balances the finish amd makes it less sour

This is my sister's bottle. This is drinkable enough whiskey, but I wouldn't buy a bottle from this batch. I expect that other batches of Teeling Small Batch may be more impressive

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talexander commented

I didn't really like this one, myself...seemed very spirity to me. I don't think I'd take a chance with a bottle from another batch...

5 years ago 0

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