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Mammon started a discussion

I would like to know how much you pay for whisky in your region? To have a more or less accurate comparison, I would go for the Laphroaig 10 (0.7 l) as the standart bottle. Here in Switzerland everything is quite expensive and this bottle costs around 50 CHF (~63 USD).

12 years ago

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Col replied

Tesco's in the UK are selling it for 23 GBP (about 25 Euros) at the moment.

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drinix replied

In Vienna it costs around 35€!

12 years ago 0

Lars replied

In Manitoba, Canada, the price is $69.95 Cnd on par with the US dollar.

12 years ago 0

Pudge72 replied

At the good 'ol LCBO monopoly in Ontario, Canada, it's being sold for CAN$80 (tax included at least...)

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MFish85 replied

If I remember right a bottle of Laphroaig 10 is around $44 or so.

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Fons replied

In Belgium, a bottle costs approximately € 33 (29 £ or 47,6 $) . Could be worse by the looks of it.

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Appadurai replied

In Norway it costs 515,90 NOK = 95,69$ - 66,23€ - 58,63£

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Andrea replied

25 €...... ITALY

12 years ago 0

ThreePeat replied

30$ in southern california

12 years ago 0

MacBaker62 replied

Laphroaig 10 year old in 750ML bottle will cost about $40 US. where I live (State of Missouri, Mid-west USA).

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Mammon replied

Quite astonishing how huge the price differences are for the same product. But I have to say that I am lucky to not buy my Laphroaig in Norway...

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jdcook replied

Cheapest I can find with a quick search is $84.99 - Australian dollars, which at the moment are worth slightly more than US dollars - so that's around $88-89 US.

Yes, Australia's tax on imported alcohol is ridiculous.

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