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Hudson Four Grain Bourbon

Expensive but yummy ;)

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@Bourbon_JarheadReview by @Bourbon_Jarhead

17th Sep 2009


Hudson Four Grain Bourbon
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I will start with the bottle a short, stout bottle with a simple label. Bottle is clear in color so you can see the remarkable dark gold spirit inside. It is corked and covered with a wax cap that is a brown/maroon. The bottle is hand numbered year 09 batch 04 bottle 134. It is only available in 375mil and retails for $50 a bottle, although I was able to find it online for $40, and got free shipping since I ordered over $100 of products.

This is a remarkable spirit. Familiar bourbon flavors abound, but there is so much more to be found in this bottle. This is hands the most delicious and smoothest bourbon I have ever sipped. Nose is bright and sweet, vanilla, spice, and orange are present, with almost a hint of persimmon, the nose finishes with a familiar faint smokiness and alcohol warmth.

On the palate this is smooth and creamy. Flavors of caramel, vanilla, spice, and toasted pecans are present. None of these flavors dominate, they are remarkably balanced. There is also the familiar charred oak and bourbon sweetness present, but these are not overpowering and contribute to the smooth balanced flavor. Finish is remarkably smooth with a nice warmth. I have sipped this neat, on the rocks, with a splash of water, and with my new granite "ice cubes". I prefer it undiluted but chilled, so now I only drink it with my granite cubes.

If you have the opportunity to try this I highly suggest you do, you will not be disappointed.

This is my new favorite bourbon. My only complaint is I would prefer it in a larger bottle, as this goes far too quick.

The following is info from the distillers web site:

4 Grain WhiskeyHudson Four Grain bourbon whiskey brings together the distinct characteristics of corn, rye, wheat and malted barley. Each batch starts with 800 pounds of grain which is ground at the distillery, cooked and fermented, then distilled twice. It is aged in our signature small barrels. Our Four Grain Bourbon is a rich full-flavored spirit. The grains are perfectly suited one to the others so that the end result balances the soft richness of corn, the sharp peppery notes of rye, all the smooth subtlety of wheat and the sweetness of malted barley. Each bottle is hand numbered.

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jeanluc commented

You've given it a lot of thought. Good reviewer. Wonder if I can pick up Tuthilltown Hudson in the uk?

Oh, must try the granite ice cubes too!

14 years ago 0

Bourbon_Jarhead commented


Thanks for the compliment on my review style. I frequently review like this by spoken word to friends and family, which they get a laugh out of. None of them are as "serious" about what they drink ;) Usually when I have them try what I recommend they just say, that's really good and smile. So I am glad I found this site, where there are others who appreciate things as I do.

I had to have this shipped to me. The closest retailer is 1200 miles from me. I did a quick search on the locations on the distillers site, and it shows a retailer in Lyon, France. None showed up in the UK, but you may want to shoot them an email just to be sure. Their website is www.tuthilltown.com

The granite ice cubes were a very thoughtful, not to mention useful, gift from the wife. I use the all the time now. I recommended them highly. They are a not expensive either :)

14 years ago 0