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VAT 69 Blended Scotch Whisky

Average score from 6 reviews and 21 ratings 72

VAT 69 Blended Scotch Whisky

Product details

  • Brand: VAT 69
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 40.0%

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VAT 69 Blended Scotch Whisky

My second-to-last bottle of the dozen blended Scotch minis I bought through Scotch Whisky Auctions is here. Another old venerable blend, Vat 69 was launched in 1882 by independent blenders William Sanderson & Co. They tasted 100 vats of various blends they put together, and chose #69. It's height of popularity was during the 1950s and '60s but today is pretty much finished, though still sells well in Venezuela, Spain and Australia. Today the brand is owned by Diageo. As this mini has an ABV of 43% I presume it is fairly old, possibly from the 1980s.

The colour is light-to-medium golden honey. On the nose, thick juicy malt, with, again, honey plus vanilla, very light caramel, peaches and some citrus. A thin ribbon of peat smoke winds its way through. Water brings those citrus notes forward. Nice but not distinctive.

On the palate we again some quite delicious malt with that light peating. Vanilla and tropical fruits are carried by a surprisingly silky mouthfeel. More lemon/lime comes through as well. Water improves things a little by increasing the maltiness. Again - enjoyable but nothing to write home about.

The finish is medium length with far more citrus than you would think - very tart and fruity. This seems like a very young blend, though one whose malt content (and slightly higher ABV) puts many of today's young blends to shame.


I have told the story of VAT69 before, when I wrote my tasting notes for this blend, bottled in 1975. This bottling is a littles less old, from 1983. Around 35% of the contents is said to be malt whisky, including Royal Lochnagar and Teaninich, maybe even some Glenesk.

The nose is sweet on vanilla, malt and apples, but also shows a slightly form of OBE. That should not come as a surprise. This bottle has been open for quite a while. The apples are a bit sour, in fact. After some time, I also get a whiff of sea salt, but that remains tucked away in the back.

It is soft and a bit creamy on the palate, but rather flat. A lot of apples again, but also a hint of citrus fruit, without really any kind standing out. Caramel and a little bit of pepper. The salt lining is a lot more outspoken and gives it some (unexpected) depth. Hint of oak.

The finish is medium long, with more oak than on the palate.

All things considered, this remains a little dram. A bottle will not even set you back 18 EUR. Thanks, Pat!

This whisky always reminds me of Captain Lewis Nixon played by Ron Livingston from the HBO mini series Band of Brothers. He always had a stash of Vat69. That's the first time I heard of this blend.


I was very suprised when opening the bottle. There was a very pleasant aroma coming out of the bottle, which included a twist of honey.

The thing which suprised me the most, was the taste of caramel; since it isn't mentioned on the label.

Vat 69 offers a good value for money. Also for the beginning whisky drinker I surely recommend this one.

After getting myself familiar with this brand, I now fully understand why captain Nixon specifically wanted this brand.

hey friend

I think the score per rating is 25x4 So the 25 u gave is a low score! :)


I picked up this whisky in Spain for about 5 pounds! I´d already read about it and I also watched Ralfy´s review on it on his channel. The bottle is very dark green which makes it very hard to see it's color. The main reason for this is basically less colorant. I know you shouldn't pay any attention to the color of the dram but I still believe you eat and drink with your eyes as well. This whisky has a perfectly normal color but many people including Ralfy believe a green bottle equals higher quality.

The nose is quite stunning actually with a lot of action going on. You immediately smell that this is a high percentage malt whisky ratio blend. Malty with sweet liquorice and a definite sour and salty citrus essence. Soon to follow is the familiar scent of burnt sugar and acacia honey. Toffee and cocoa is subtle in the background.

So why wait? Let's have us a wee dram of it!

The arrival is somewhat rough and spicy without added water, peppers, some salt & sour citrus flavours with some subtle malt sweetness to round it of. With added water this whisky get's a lot more balanced with some extra flavour tones of barley sugar and honey.

The finish is like other blends I've tasted so far quite rapid. Straight on with a wall of hot spices and what I believe is a fusion of chili and regular peppers. Malty with some oak dryness towards the end.

I'm actually quite pleased with this whisky! It offers a lot of interaction regarding flavours and you can also (if wanted) change the palette by adding some water. This whisky can actually handle more then a few drops to open up the flavours a bit more.

With out a doubt my best blended whisky so far and for the price it's really a bargain and something you should pick up if it's available where you live.

Remember you posted a complimentary comment on my review about this and now i return the favor, but it's mostly because the review was very good and we seem to agree on the fact that it is nice to find just good honest blends like this! Great review and cheers!

nice review, £5 is a stunning bargain. i paid £17 and i'm happy for that price. considering it's the same £ as a teachers or grouse it's a steal.


As many might suspect the title is an analogy both to the reliable and sturdy nature of the US army Jeep, but also to the Band of Brothers series, for which this whisky's appearance is most known. Although appearances in many other film productions is noteworthy, time to explore ;)

Time also then to rediscover this good'ole blend. On the nose: their is a fair bit of caramelized sugar/caramel with a hint of vanilla, pear and faint smoke, all in good harmony.

The arrival is smooth and balanced with the vanilla coming in with a lightly smoky veil of mixed peppers, caramel, more caramel. The developement takes the vanilla to some clove and salty gravy. The developement continues with vanilla and caramel and the finish is fairly swift. This is a cheap blend though, and for what it is and always has been, a very good vehicule for flavour.

Sure is! If a fan of this decent and cool blend, you would enjoy the famous scene when Cpt. Nixon goes empty on his VAT 69 stock, and basically goes a bit mental. Also a wonderfull production that i recommend definetely. Great protagonists/characters that you really start to bond with as the mini-series evolves, making you feel part of this band of brothers ;)

Great Scotch! Yet to see the Band of Brothers series, recommended I suppose? :)


Rather pleasant whisky blend, has a bit of everything bit of wood, bit of fruit, bit of herbs and even slight hints of smoke and a short finish. But what it lacks is real character. So rated pure as solo whisky it would not be great say about 60-65, the lack of character makes that it will blend easily with a rich character whisky (for example a balvenie doublewood) without destroying or altering the taste to much of that "probably expensive" whisky. Therefore it get's a few bonus points, pushing the score to 73 in my book

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