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What is your favourite Bunnahabhain?

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By @CanadianNinja @CanadianNinja on 9th Jan 2020, show post

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TracerBullet replied

I forgot that I picked up a couple of travel exclusive Bunnahabhain bottles on my last trip overseas. Unfortunately, the reviews are not glowing (in the 80's on average). An Cladach and Cruach-Mhòna.

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Misty replied


Yea I did kind of break my 120€ bottle limit for this one. Think it was 220€ or there about. But it was a special treat and my first Bunna. It set the bar pretty high. It's a full on oloroso, chocolatey, fig, minty, pipe tobacco monster - with an old school sherry vibe.

I was concerned with the depth of color and slight cloudiness at 46% in terms of potential sulfur issues but it's perfectly clean.

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Very glad to see we’re on the same page @Misty.

I actually just watched Ralfy’s review of this that he did in... 2017?

It REALLY got me wanting to pour a glass...

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