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Which bottle did you just buy and why?

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By @PeatyZealot @PeatyZealot on 24th Nov 2014, show post

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Astroke replied

@casualtorture The Triple Mash bonded is very nice as well if you are looking to drop another $30 or so on your next stroll :)

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RikS replied

@casualtorture i normally wouldn't drink JD but got this one taxfree as it was 100 proof and I actually like it quite a bit.

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RianC replied

@BlueNote - will do! Might crack the Mach 3 quite soon but my consumption rates has slowed down a lot of late.

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Nozinan replied

@fiddich1980 personally I wish many whiskies had 200 cc or 375cc sizes. I want to have a chance to get to know a lot of whiskies. But I don’t want a whole bottle of everything.

Smaller bottles would allow me to experience more widely, with less room taken up in the cabinet and a greater chance to finish bottles (assuming that I can taste whisky again…).

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RianC replied

@fiddich1980 - He seems almost buoyed by the news! Can't imagine why anyone would welcome such a shift (producers apart) but it has always seemed likely. My biggest fear is seeing more and more 500 ml bottles ...

I'd say the US punters should make a noise but what difference would it make? Big question is, how will prices be affected? Offer a slight decrease and it would perhaps take the sting out but I suspect not.

Welcome to Europe laughing

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RianC replied

@Nozinan - I agree with the sentiment but my gripe is that smaller bottles are most always too highly priced. More taster packs from distilleries would be welcome though!

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fiddich1980 replied

@RianC @Nozinan We're in a time where terms like "supply chain issues", and "high inflation", are punted to the public at large. We are all paying higher prices for smaller amounts of food stuffs. I'm sure that the raw materials required for spirit production(Barley, Corn, Rye, Wheat, and Oak) have also climbed in price. I'm sure that glass production cost have increased given heat requirements. The packaging look the same but, the quantity, weights, and quality - suffer. I do agree that producers should make taster packs available. However, higher prices generally, accompany smaller bottle sizes. Lucky, I have my stash.

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RianC replied

@fiddich1980 - indeed! I just feel with all the hikes over the last decade or so, when any increase happens, any justification is met with suspicion.

And, yes, it makes me glad I've built up a stash while the going was at least not too bad. Oh to have started this journey twenty years ago ... to think what treasures I could have had ...

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RikS replied

@RianC Reminds me of a friend of mine who manages a large fund when asked "when is the best time to invest"?

Best time - yesterday. Next best - today!

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Nozinan replied

@RianC I think that even 10-15 years ago would have been a good time to be educated in whisky and stock up on things that are now long gone.

I opened my first bottle of whisky in about 2010. I started learning in earnest in 2011. By the time I knew what I liked it was getting too late. I can’t complain about my collection, and I have enough good stuff to last forever, but had I known how good things like Springbank could be, I would have 10 bottles of the CS to share with friends instead of the 2 I have now. I would have more Macallan CS. I would have a few more bottles of various Octomores when $120 was “too expensive”.

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Timp replied

Fettercairn 16 second edition 2021. 46.4%. Oloroso, refill Oloroso and Ist fill Palo Cortado.

Tasting notes from the box are.

Nose: Sugared almonds, dried fruits and aged wood

Taste: Alphonso mango, rich citrus zest, apricots and sun kissed raisins balanced with walnut, light roasted coffee, cacao and antique liquorice notes

Finish: encompasses salted caramel, sandalwood and iced ginger cake.

Why? Not a distillery I am familiar with and heard good things about the 2020 release and although this seems to be a little different it seems interesting enough to spend the £65 it cost me.

I love anything with apricot, mango and citrus notes so hopefully it should be interesting. WTF antique liquorice notes are is anyones guess but will be interested to see what comes though.

Ginger also seems to be something a few reviews mention and that’s something I hope I get.

Cheers all.

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paddockjudge replied

@fiddich1980, @RianC, @Nozinan, with an apparent glass bottle shortage creating havoc in bottled goods industries, now is definitely the time for global standardization. WTF is Boris Johnson thinking, reverting to the Imperial System!?!

Although the United States of America employs their own version of the Imperial measurement system, they do embrace the metric system when it comes to bottled wine and spirits.....okay, I give up...my heart isn't in this argument, nor is my head. To be perfectly honest, I enjoy having choice. Being able to choose between 375 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml, 710 ml, 750 ml, 1 liter, or-whatever-size, is perfectly acceptable to me. I can read. I can count. I have the ability to to perform rough estimates and calculations without instruments or devices. I have the ability to operate low-tech tools for calculating values and volumes. I know when I'm getting fucked! It's my choice....Caveat Emptor....however, there is no wrath like that of a scorned whisky buyer, Caveat Venditor!

Taster packs are a pleasant dream. Prices are usually inflated, value is often poor unless there is a clearance sale. The marketing of these (mostly inferior) products is aimed at a broader target market, not the small space occupied by us, the "brown spirits" horde of drinkers, collectors, hoarders, and flippers; more specifically, aimed at the hangers-on who don't know why they buy this shit.

Shelf height and depth in my cabinet is my main concern when it come to bottle size and packaging. In a perfect world the bottle sizes would be arranged in a sensible fashion. For me, that would be 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, 2 liter. Bottle size doesn't change the taste of the product...or does it? Since my heart, nor my head, is into this subject, I will stop here.

Cheers tumbler_glass tumbler_glass

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Astroke replied

After 2 plus years of border closure and some negotiations the American Whiskey trade is finally completed.

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Victor replied

@Astroke beautiful stash! What did you have to give up in trade? The VW Rye alone would be a big acquisition.

Loved, loved, loved the one and only taste I've had of Weller Full Proof. Hopefully that one will become more available.

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Victor replied

@Astroke like many US ryes the Van Winkle 13 yo Family Reserve Rye is at its best after long air exposure. It may be hard to do, but the best thing possible with that stuff is to drink a pour or two then leave it alone for 2 years. It will explode in the nose in fruitiness with long air exposure.

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Astroke replied

@Victor They for sure came at a cost

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I just bought:

  • Dalmore 12 Year Sherry Cask Select: I’m one of the few who enjoys Dalmore despite the marketing, low abv, and “premium” pricing. This one is bottled at 43% abv and received a pretty good review from Serge V, which isn’t that common. We’ll see what I think…
  • El Tequileña Añejo Gran Reserva: this one gets pretty good reviews over on Tequila Match and has no additives as far as I know.
  • El Tesoro Añejo: same as the above. Summer = tequila a lot of the time, at least for me these past few years.

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@OdysseusUnbound During our heat wave of 95F+ temps, I’ve been sticking to pilsners and sangria.

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RianC replied

@casualtorture @OdysseusUnbound - I like the Mexican style light beers or ice cold ciders! Spirits wise, tequila, rum and bourbon are my usual but often I find I still want a peaty whisky or something thick and malty now and then.

Mind you, our weather is so unpredictable we have to be ready for anything. Last Friday we were declaring a heat wave and on the Saturday we had storms, showers and chilly temperatures! The joys of being in the Gulf Slip stream sunny zap cyclone umbrella

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