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Which bottle did you just buy and why?

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By @PeatyZealot @PeatyZealot on 24th Nov 2014, show post

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Astroke replied

@ajjarrett With the end of the 12 year age statement on the ECBP, there may be a run on the current releases similar to the old 12 year Pirate bottles. I believe the B523 is 11.5 years stated on bottle.

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BlueNote replied

@ajjarrett I have one left. I don't know whether to drink it or save it. I'm leaning heavily towards drinking, after all, I can always get a couple more from you. laughing

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ajjarrett replied


This is quite fascinating. It is things like this that add to the excitement and energizes consumer intrigue as well as demand. I suppose.

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Nozinan replied

@Astroke I didn't realize the ECBP is going NAS. Sad. I'm sure it will still be highly coveted but I can't help thinking the lower age might decrease the complexity a little. Glad I have a couple stashed away, with an average AVB of 70.0%.

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Astroke replied

@Nozinan Not NAS but will have a "unique" age statement, just not the standard 12 year. There are store picks in the US that are usually 8-10 years and noted on the bottles. Will be same with all the ECBP moving forward. At least that is what I got from the video and online story.

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Timp replied

On a training course in the Midlands and as usual checked out the local bottle shops. Nothing whisky specific so didn't hold out much hope but found a shop ostensibly touted as a wine shop.

On inspection it had more spirits than wine so I was pleased I bothered to look it up. They must have had stuff sat there for a while as I grabbed a Ardbeg Uigeadal which turned out to be a 2015 bottling and a Glenmorangie Milsean from the same year. Neither overpriced and thoroughly enjoyed the one bottle of Milsean I had in 2016 so quite pleased to get another. Also seems to be pretty scare now.

Good to find a decent well priced little bottle shop.

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Jonesz replied

@ajjarrett will watch for the NAS Nadurra. Kind of out of the loop on that one as the ones I had prev. were of the 16YO variety. I was too dumb to buy more when they were in stock and at a reasonable price. @Nozinan if the 2.5 bottles you have outlast you maybe you would pencil me into your will. I would be very grateful.

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YakLord replied

Not full bottles, as I'm traveling and don't have room in my luggage, but three 5cl minis of things I've wanted to try...

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Timp replied

Just happened to be passing by the same shop I went to last week and saw an Aberlour ten for about £30. Picked it up as haven't had one in a few years.

Used to be a staple of the supermarket discounts but discontinued in 2020 I think.

Anyway, had numerous bottles and pretty much always a good dram. Good to have another.


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Nock replied

Well, I just went “beyond-hog-wild” and more or less destroyed any semblance of a budget that I have on alcohol for the year.

My wife and I have recently relocated to the Northeastern corner of Maryland (Harford County). And she is making friends fast with the influential and well-to-do. So, one of these people happens to own our little local liquor store. The owner told my wife to just stop by and tell the store manager that we know her and she (the manager) is to “hook-us-up” with stuff from the back. Well. My wife did and managed to get me hooked up with a bottle of the new Jack Daniel’s 12 year at 53.5%. Today, we stopped in to pick it up.

So, while we are in the shop today meeting the store manager we asked her about how they deal with the special allocated bottles. The break down is that they track how much you spend each year and it puts you into a bracket (Platinum / Gold / Silver). Currently we have already spent enough this year to put us into the Silver category. But for the highly allocated bottles they are all go in the Platinum and Gold category. I asked about the new Ardbeg Heavy Vapors coming out. She said that it had actually just arrived, but that it would have to go through the Platinum and Gold category before I could get a crack at it. I said, “if I spend a thousand dollars right now will that push me up into the Gold category and make me eligible to buy it?” She said, if you spend over a thousand right now, I will give it to you. My wife said, “Do it.” I said, “Done.”

Here is the damage that we walked away with.

First off some Rums and liquors for cocktails:

Plantation 5yo 40% - a fantastic rum for cocktails.

Plantation 69% Old Fashioned Traditional Dark. This is my favorite Rum – that I have ever tried. I gave 6oz to @Victor at our last tasting. Sir, I am waiting to hear your thoughts (positive or negative).

Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth 16.5% - best vermouth out there in my opinion.

Capano Bianco Vermouth 14.9% - not a dry vermouth, but I have really come to like it.

Nux Alpina Walnut Liqueur 32% - never tried it, but it has been on my list try to with cocktails.

On to the good stuff:

  1. Jack Daniel’s 12yo 53.5% 107 Proof first release – Why? – this was the bottle that took us into the store today. I had a pour at a restaurant the other weekend at my step-son’s graduation weekend. It is really a great whisky. I have been out hunting it ever since with no luck. My wife got it for me for the upcoming Father’s Day.

  2. Ardbeg TEN 46% 15/02/2022 L2439926; 020031 b. 5/27/2023 – Why? – I always must have an open bottle on the shelf. My last bottles has two fingers left and is from 2021. So here we go.

  3. Caol Ila 10yo 61.9% The Single Malts of Scotland by Elixir 10.01.2021 - 13.01.2021 Sherry Butt Cask 300162 612 bottles.– Why? – a 10 year old Caol Ila at 61.9% from an ex-sherry but for less than $90? Worth the gamble for me.

  4. Glen Scotia Double Cask 46% L2 163.19; 12.06.2019. b.– Why? – I just bought a miniature in England back in January and fell in love with this bottle. I need another backup. This stuff is shockingly good . . . shockingly.

  5. Glen Scotia 18yo 46% L2 123.18; 03.05.2018. – Why? – I have heard really good stuff about it. It sounds comparable to Springbank 18yo but at a far cheaper price. So, I am willing to take a gamble.

  6. James E. Pepper 1776 Rye 50% 100 Proof – Why? – it is my go to Rye whisky for under $30. It is really fantastic stuff from MGP (or whatever their name is now)

  7. Kilchoman 5yo 61% Single Cask 510/2009 ex-sherry cask (Nov. 26 2009 – July 15 2015).– Why? – I have had my eye on this bottle. It came out in 2015 and has just sat on this shelf for ages. I find that Kilchoman in Sherry casks are my favorite.

  8. Kilchoman 9yo 55.8% 557/2012 ex-sherry cask (Aug. 23 2012 – Sep. 23 2021) 100% Islay Oloroso Sherry Cask bottled for Mid Atlantic.– Why? – Again, Kilchoman in Sherry casks are my favorite. This was the most expensive bottle in my haul at $140. But, I am willing to gamble on this one. And it gets me that much closer to my $1000 mark.

  9. Knob Creek 12yo 50% 100 Proof – Why? – I am a big fan of the 9yo at 120 Proof. I have heard good stuff about this. I tried the 18yo at a bar . . . it was a bit too oaky in my opinion. I have high hopes for this one.

  10. Port Askaig 55% 110 Proof by Elixir– Why? – it was in a box with two Glen Cairns and it cost $60. For a 55% whisky most certainly from Caol Ila? Why not.

  11. Port Charlotte 10yo 50% L165490 22/113; 2022/04/26 09:48– Why? – This is my new “must-have-an-open-bottle-on-the-shelf.” It really is my new favorite standard entry distillery expression beating out Ardbeg 10yo. Why? It is at 50% and is actually more complex. I think it is all the wine casks they throw in. I really like it.

  12. Wilderness Trail Rye 53.5% Barrel No. 17E24-8: DSP-KY-20005– Why? – I have heard really good thing about the Rye coming out of this distillery. So, I am game to try it.

  13. Ardbeg Heavy Vapours 46% (L2470059 06/12/2022; 011022) – Why? – This was the bottle that caused me to spend over $1000 today. I am extremely excited to try it. It is Ardbeg without the use of the purifier in the distillation process. In an interview Dr. Bill said he took off the purifier just to see what it would do to the spirit (to see what the purifier actually does in the distillation process). It sounds like this was all distilled 12 years ago. He said that the process of taking it off was so laborious that they will almost certainly never do this experiment again. So, I have to try it. And now I will.

Yup, we spent well over the mark before taxes. I feel like a kid at Christmas . . . if that kid is an alcoholic. People in the liquor store kept joking, “Man, I want to come to your party.” Ya, I would feel awful about spending all of this in one go. But my wife kept saying that this puts us in the running for all the special bourbon releases in the fall. And of course, she is correct.

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Nock replied

Part 2

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Timp replied

@Nock Truly you are an inspiration to us all. grinning

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MRick replied

@Nock Great story and the booze looks fine too.

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TracerBullet replied

@Nock Where in Harford County? That is where I grew up. Awesome purchases there!!!

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