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MuddyFunster started a discussion

I'm curious to get peoples' opinions on Whistlepig. In the UK the 11 Year Rye got some crazy hype and sold out straight away. They are pretty pricey here (in excess of $150).

How highly do people rate them?

8 years ago

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Victor replied

I've tasted a few WhistlePig Rye whiskies at various ages and proofs. I consider it to be very good to excellent rye whisky which is sold at a high price. I've owned only one bottle of it mostly because it is quite expensive in the US compared to other very good to excellent rye whiskies. By way of example I have spent less money on almost every bottle of Thomas Handy Sazerac Rye I own than I did on that one bottle of 10 yo standard WhistlePig Rye. I have liked all of the WhistlePig Ryes I have tasted a lot, but there is not much ratings improvement to be had in going from the 10 yo standard up the age, proof, and price range. The 11 yo would probably sell in Maryland around $ 100, maybe even $ 120, whereas the 10 yo would cost about $ 90, including the tax. You might well look at this the way that I DID look at it when I bought a bottle 4 years ago: I want the full experience once, for reference, but otherwise, I can buy 2, 3, 4, or 5 very decent bottles of rye for the same total price.

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MuddyFunster replied

Thanks Victor. That pretty much sums up what I suspected. A very good whiskey but over priced by comparison to other Ryes.

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