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Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Cooking With Whisky: Turkey Talks!

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

10th Dec 2012


Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
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My wife and I purchased three bourbons in order to cook up some spiced ribs for her work. She uses my bourbon to make these ribs, usually most of my bottle, which means that I get to replace them,

I'd purchased three whiskies that I'd never tried before. Buffalo Trace, Bulleit Bourbon, and Wild Turkey.

I'd enjoyed both the Buffalo Trace and the Bulleit, but the last one to try was the Wild Turkey.

I'd given each whisky a quick nose as we were making the sauce, but now it was time to get serious and see if what I thought was correct.

Pouring the Wild Turkey into the glencairn and gave it a quick nose.

Caramel, cinnamon, hints of cherries, and underneath it all a faint aroma of alcohol.

It's not the worst bourbon I've ever smelled, but that faint alcohol aroma has me a little leery.

Time for a taste, because that's where the proof lies.

Oak, spices, caramel and alcohol. The alcohol is dominating a good portion of the flavor profile and is quite unpleasant.

Finish is quite short, which is a really good thing considering that it's oaky with lots of alcohol. Hints of cherries appear at the very end which partially lifts

Out of the three bourbons that went into this recipe, this is by far the worst of them. The alcohol dominates the flavor profile too much and distracts from the rest of the whisky. It would of been a decent bourbon without that aspect. As it stands this is a bourbon that I'd leave just for mixing.

If you're looking for a sipping bourbon there are many bourbons in the same price range that offer much more bang for buck i.e. Makers Mark, Buffalo Trace, Bulleit Bourbon, Hogs 3, etc.

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