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Wild Turkey's average rating is 82/100 from 58 reviews and 168 ratings

Wild Turkey reviews

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Wild Turkey Rare Breed / Barrel Proof

Simple but significant Wild Turkey Rare Breed / Barrel Proof

This is an abridged version of a review I will be posting on my blog in a day or twoBourbon marketing leans heavily on appeals to tradition, authenticity and doing things "the right way". In an interview…

@OdysseusUnboundBy @OdysseusUnbound about one month ago 3 291

Wild Turkey 101

Rough stuff Wild Turkey 101

Nose: smoky! Wood char, tobacco, even a hint of fireplace. Not a lot of sweetness here, mostly oak and alcohol. Some fruity notes in there too, peaches or something similar. Water brings out some swee…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt about one month ago 3 477

Wild Turkey 101

Boombon Wild Turkey 101

This was possibly the first bourbon I had that really sold me to it as a quality product worth investigating further - and I've barely scratched the surface to be fair. From what I gather this is a…

@RianCBy @RianC4 months ago 4 187

Wild Turkey 101

Talkin’ Turkey Wild Turkey 101

This is a preview of a blog entry I’m hoping to post tomorrowI always thought Wild Turkey was the drink of choice for those who were the real life incarnation of the slack-jawed yokel Cletus from The…

@OdysseusUnboundBy @OdysseusUnbound6 months ago 3 3285

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Sunday Morning Wild Turkey Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Once again, it's been a while since I've reviewed anything so I thought I'd kill this heel of a bottle that's been open for about a year. Wild Turkey Rare Breed is bottled at barrel proof (so the ABV may…

@talexanderBy @talexander7 months ago 5 887

Wild Turkey 101

Happy 4th - I'm back! Wild Turkey 101

I have returned to America just in time for Independence Day, and figured a nice American whiskey would do the trick. I haven't had the standard 81 proof. This bottle is my mom's, is 3/4 full and opened…

@casualtortureBy @casualtorture10 months ago 2 188

Wild Turkey 81 Proof Bourbon

Chewing Tobacco Wild Turkey 81 Proof Bourbon

Wild Turkey, from Lawrenceburg in Kentucky, is undoubtedly a name you have heard before. For me it was – a long time ago – my first encounter with bourbon. I return with great pleasure, trying this 81…

@markjedi1By @markjedi1 about one year ago 0 076

Wild Turkey 101

Pecan nuts Wild Turkey 101

Next to the 81 Proof, which means as much as 40,5% ABV, there is also a version called 101 Proof. Hence, this one has an alcohol percentage of 50,5%. The nose is very similar to the 81 Proof. This is…

@markjedi1By @markjedi1 about one year ago 0 077

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