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Willett's Pot Still Reserve Bourbon Small Batch

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Willett's Pot Still Reserve Bourbon Small Batch

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Willett's Pot Still Reserve Bourbon Small Batch

I recently tried the Kentucky Vintage, the entry level bourbon from this producer. This Willett’s Pot Still Reserve is said to be at the other end of the spectrum. It is, as stated by both the name and the packaging, not just distilled in a column still, but also – in the doubler stage – in a pot still. It is very clear.

The nose is almost complex. There is a lot going on. The emphasis is on citrus with lime and oranges, but also some vanilla, a bit of caramel and a nice hint of potpourri. Plums? Sweet oak, should such a thing exsist.

It is mouth coating and piquant. The spices clamor for attention for quite a while, before allowing the sweetness to show itself. Think vanilla and caramel, but also Cuberdons (Google it!).

The finish is rather short. The spices are spent, making the finish very soft and sweet.

Lovely bourbon, but apparently not easy to find. Looks good in the cabinet, though.

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