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Wiser's JP Wiser’s Lanny McDonald Edition

Not Moustache Worthy

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@OdysseusUnboundReview by @OdysseusUnbound

10th Jun 2019


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This won’t be a long review. Let me say upfront that this whisky was a disappointment. I have tremendous respect for Dr Don Livermore and for Lanny McDonald, but this is a pretty weak offering. It got somewhat better with time, but even after 6 months it was pretty mediocre.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose (undiluted): strong acetone/nailpolish remover/cheap vodka aromas, even after 6 months. After a very long rest in the glass, there’s some fresh-cut oak, a little caramel and vanilla, and not much else.
  • Palate (undiluted): thin mouthfeel. I guess you could call it smooooooth. There’s a bit more vanilla and caramel, pencil shavings, and a touch of barrel char.
  • Finish: short to medium length, somewhat drying, with a little toffee lingering.

Adding water makes this go from mediocre to unpleasant. With water it smells and tastes like nailpolish remover (don’t ask how I know what that tastes like). The finish becomes unbearably bitter.

The bottle says “Canadian whisky barrels and virgin oak barrels”, but I didn’t get many of the rich, sweet notes I’d expect from virgin oak. The bottle says “wheat forward”, but I didn’t get any notes I’d associate with wheated whisky. I got a lot of flavours and aromas I associate with not quite grain neutral spirits, but pretty darned close to it, uhm, I mean “high-proof, base whisky”. And while this “base whisky” might work if left long enough in good barrels, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. This is drinkable neat, but awful with water or ice. I didn’t bother to mix it with ginger ale or Coke. Not recommended. Sorry Dr Livermore.

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Astroke commented

Are you sure that score is influenced by your Hab's following and the last year Toronto won the cup, despite Lanny's best years with the Flames :)

3 years ago 1Who liked this?

OdysseusUnbound commented

@Astroke N’ah. I just expected much more from Wiser’s and from the advertised “virgin oak casks” which were pretty much non-existant. I’ve seen some positive reviews, from @JasonHambrey and Blair Phillips. But I found none of what they describe whatsoever. Maybe I got a bum bottle. I’m not sure, but this was mediocre at best, and downright bad for the first third of the bottle.

3 years ago 0

Astroke commented

@OdysseusUnbound Blair Philip's seems to be a poor mans Davin, who never met a Canadian Whisky he did not like.

3 years ago 2Who liked this?

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