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J.P Wiser's Legacy

A rye that never quits.

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@MatthieuReview by @Matthieu

24th Oct 2012


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Let me start by mentioning that I absolutely detest the square bottle. Sure it looks nice, but it feels wrong in the hand and I hold it with my two hands to make sure I don't drop it while pouring.

Drunk neat. The bottle has been opened at least 4 times since last February. when I bought it. From memory, it used to be stronger.

Nose: Dominated by mint, with apples and some sweet vanilla. Very fresh.

Palate: Cool, smooth and sweet. Reminds me of the Wiser's Small Batch and the Alberta Premium. It's simple and a disappointment after that nose. Spices start building up as it warms though.

Finish: There it is! A huge rush of rye spices strike first, with some grapefruit. As the initial rush dies down, it is progressively replaced by mint and dry oak, both of which stick around forever it seems.

Balance: It is a well done, but I find the palate disappointing. The finish is simply perfect on the other hand, and makes this rye well worth the experience.

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Matthieu commented

And with this review, #16, I reach page 2 of the members page!

9 years ago 0

paddockjudge commented

@Matthieu - It is interesting how we can both enjoy the contents of this bottle, yet disagree on the functionality of the container. It is my opinion that the heavily weighted square bottle, with it's multiple facets and masculine demeanor, embodies the complexity and strength of this world class whisky...if that's not convincing enough, perhaps this may sway your opinion: I was told in my youth, by an elderly and distinguished gentleman, " don't buy the round bottles, they just roll under the bed".... lol happy new year, it's only a bottle.

9 years ago 0

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