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Woodford Reserve

Tame and rounded

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@NockReview by @Nock

26th Mar 2014


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I have had this on a few occasions. My friend had a friend in graduate school (so yes, that is a friend of a friend) who was a bourbon snob. When he returned from his tour in Iraq my friend bought him a bottle of Pappy 20yo (this was back when you could still get your hands on it). Anyway, this friend of a friends’ go to bourbon was “Woodford Reserve.” So I have tried to give it a fair shake on a few occasions.

Nose: Biggest alcohol nose of the night (next to Knob Creek, Maker’s Mark, and Evan Williams Black). More roasted apple (burned is more like it) with caramel glaze. Much deeper sweetness then Makers or Evan. With time it is all on perfume notes and plastic. Least favorite nose. Tone: contra alto.

Taste: Sweet sugar cane. Thinner then Makers but not as thin as Evan William Black labe.

Finish: Very much sweet corn and candied yams. Smallest and shortest finish . . . yup, round, short, and boring.

Balance, Complexity: Not terribly complex, however, it was balanced in the sense that it was a very singular note across the board.

Color, Body, Aesthetic experience: Lightest golden amber of the bourbons . . . nope in the glass it is just as dark as the Makers and perhaps darker. Very light bodied for a bourbon. It is a great bottle that looks super impressive and a very decent price. Love the aesthetic, and wish the bourbon was more to my liking.

Conclusion: This is a bourbon that bourbon lovers seem to love. I don’t love it. If find it flat, bland, and tame. Not my style. Maybe I am not a bourbon lover? I love some bourbons (Stagg, WLW, and ECBP). But, if this is a traditional bourbon style then I don’t love it. I am glad that there are bourbons I enjoy.

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Victor commented

I think that it would be fair to say that "traditional style" "sipping" bourbons are very frequently enjoyed and sold at 45-50% abv, and that bourbons in that ABV range typically do not appeal to you. Clearly the bourbons that you like are typically at 62% abv and up...the more the merrier, thick, intense, hard-core beasts of bourbon.

Those are my favourite bourbons too, of course.

9 years ago 0

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