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26th Nov 2014


Woodford Reserve
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I have been a long time whiskey enjoyed, but never Sat down and took careful note of my whiskey experiences. Fortunately, the other night I had occassiom to really sit down and collect my thoughts. The whiskey I chose was Woodford Reserve, one of the whiskeys I tend to prefer out of my cabinet. The bottle has been open for well over a year.

I should say I welcome any critique or pointers on how to appropriate describe and note a whiskey, as I'm just beginning.

Nose: the onset is cool and refreshing. Cotton candy, wintergreen, followed by the always recognizably Woodford banana bread, deepening to lime. A deeper whiff reveals something complex and divine: perhaps a blue-raspberry oatmeal. There is some rubbing alcohol burn throughout, but not over-powering and often continues that "cool" wintergreen scent. this is the first whiskey I've written notes on but I have to imagine the nose to be among the fruitiest, most sweet and fun I will ever experience.

Taste: Has a hot kick to it and plenty of oakiness from the barrel. surprisingly different from the nose. Some vanilla and burnt apples. thin mouth feel. I find it tastes underwhelmingly flat and sour after such a promising nose.

Finish: peppery, smoldering wood. Unseasoned jerky. is "worms" even a possible taste? very little to no nuttiness or much quality to it, really. more of a "seltzery" aftertaste. It seems to linger for some time. It's an improvement to the unfortunate palate of this otherwise heartily enjoyable whiskey.

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