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Your first whisk(e)y?

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By @GotOak91 @GotOak91 on 4th Jun 2013, show post

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Krau replied

Dark Eyes - Cherry Flavored....with a coca-cola back! Ha!

I would have to say the game changer for me was the first time I sipped a Glenmorangie Original 10 yr. neat. I was already familiar with the strong flavors of Laphroaig and its Islay cousins, but when I tasted the subtle and complex flavors of that relatively young Highland, I realized how much went into just the basic concoction that is single-malt scotch whisky. The ice cubes where, for the most part, banished after that (although I will drink bourbon on ice from time to time).

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ppelletier replied

Aberlour 10 Years Old,

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