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Your First Whisky, Your Obsession Catalyst?

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By @rharlow @rharlow on 29th Apr 2011, show post

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nycky replied

Woodford Reserve. About a year later, drove 12hr to Kentucky to view the source.

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Snapcase replied

Hi I am new to this but loving it! So go easy with me....I had a trip to Edinburgh a couple of years ago and had a nightcap which was Balvenie 15yrs....I liked what i had just had and thought that i should follow this up, so here i am. Now there is a lot to choose from and I just started with a 15 year old Glenlivet french oak reserve. I quite like it, not sure where to go from here though any suggestions?

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Donough replied

Ardbeg 10. I had Irish whisky but was never a fan. This opened a new world. Balvenie doublewood really urged me on even more once I added a small amount of water.

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Kutter replied

@rharlow Nice post. For me, it was a few years ago, I was at the right time, in the right place. I was in one of the biggest european whisky store, searching for a whisky to bring back to Canada. I was discussing with the owner about whiskies. After a while, he went to the back store and came back with a dram that he gave to me. They had a special event the night before and one of the left-overs was a Port Ellen from Signatory Vintage 1979, 23 years old. I would have been in this event, no left over would have go through for this bottle !!! This was simply fantastic. the dram, mixed up with the beautiful day, the place I was, the mood I was in, etc... It was the perfect balance between peat, fruit and smoke and happiness. I will always remember that dram.
One of my top three ever

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rharlow replied

@Kutter Thanks, and great post. I wish my experience was a bit more like yours. For me it was just a friend here in the States giving me my first "real decent" single malt.

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RoganFox replied

Ardbeg 10. There was no going back after that!!

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JonMarriage replied

I started with a Glenfiddich 12 then Highland Park 12 but things really took off for me when I tried a bottle of Lagavulin from the duty free at the begining of a great holiday. I used to try a different bottle each time I left the UK. Islay malts are my favourites but each year I try a few more from wherever.

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JonMarriage replied

@Kutter Tried a few old Port Ellens now, my wife seems to gravitate towards them. Lovely dram

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Alanjp replied

I think the first time i really became obsessed with whisky was when visiting Whisky Live London in 2008, after being pointed in its direction by my girlfriend. I'd tried a few basic whiskies before but it really began to take my time and money after sampling the 10yr Yamazaki, and a couple of Bowmore expressions at the event.

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AJ replied

For me It was Laphroaig 10 year old , I was amazed by the complexity .Most will leave this malt for later in their whisky drinking career as it is considered one of the more "flavourful " scotches out there. as the saying goes"like it or hate it you will never forget it " As to why this was my first of all the other possibilities , suffice to say it just kinda worked out that way . I ended up with seven bottles of the nectar from a friend who was on the wagon . strange how life works...

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