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Reviews by @JensWedin

Balblair 1995 Vintage (Swedish release)

Here comes summer Balblair 1995 Vintage (Swedish release)

Balblair Distillery was founded in 1790 and is one of the oldest active distilleries in Scotland. They have a number of vintage releases from 1965 and this release is from 1995.Balblair 1995 is a single…

@JensWedinBy @JensWedin12 years ago 0 073

Speyside 14 Years, Part Nan Angelen

An experience Speyside 14 Years, Part Nan Angelen

Part Nan Angelen is a serie of 12 whiskies bottled by the swedish Vin&Sprit and signed by their chief blender Folke Andersson. In 2008, the full collection of Part Nan Angelen was sold at auction for 14…

@JensWedinBy @JensWedin12 years ago 0 061

Springbank 15 Year Old

A great dram after a great dinner Springbank 15 Year Old

Nose: Oak, citrus, dark suger, caramel and candy sweetsTaste: Lively and spicy. citrus and lemon, bubbly and butter. Some fudge. Light summer flowers and at the same time malt and soil. Summary: A really…

@JensWedinBy @JensWedin13 years ago 0 182

Glenfarclas 21 Year Old

For me, this is summer Glenfarclas 21 Year Old

Nose: Lots of nose, oak and harsh wood. Of course vanilla, nuts and sherry.Taste: Again, harsh, wood, strong and bold. Bubbly and lovely.Summary: Lots of character, peppery, very nice balance. Light and…

@JensWedinBy @JensWedin13 years ago 0 081

Noh Karuizawa 32 Year Old 1977 Cask 4592

An amazing gem Noh Karuizawa 32 Year Old 1977 Cask 4592

This is an amazing gem, hard to find (only 190 bottles). It’s not very often I get a chance to try this hard to get, expensive whisky. I got this from Master of Malt sample series, a great way to try…

@JensWedinBy @JensWedin13 years ago 0 193

Longmorn 1996 Cask Strength

Longmorn 1996 Cask strength Longmorn 1996 Cask Strength

This piece has at first little aroma but the taste is full and broad taste of marzipan and vanilla. Quite light and golden at colour and is quite stingy in the corner of one’s mouth. Lots of sweets,…

@JensWedinBy @JensWedin14 years ago 0 090