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Bushmills 16 Year Old 3 Wood

An always welcome Irish guest Bushmills 16 Year Old 3 Wood

A deep, honey-amber dram fills the glass. The legs cling to the walls and are in no hurry to descend. The nose is fruity, apple, lemon and peach all present. Also there is some honey and caramell.This…

@TheFiliBy @TheFili12 years ago 0 087

Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack

Jack of some trades... Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack

So, my first review. I figured I'd start with this bottle, since even if I mess it up, there'll be no harm done. Incidentally, that was the same way I came to own it. I was looking for something to take…

@TheFiliBy @TheFili12 years ago 0 077