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Reviews by @quirkzoo

Roundstone Rye

Organic Rye Roundstone Rye

Thanks to @neorunner at talkbeer.com for sending me this bottle. Finishing it off tonight so I decided I better review it while I still can.Batch B13A7Pretty light in color, the label says aged less than…

@quirkzooBy @quirkzoo6 years ago 0 080

Oban 14 Year Old

the finish goes on and on Oban 14 Year Old

very complex, medicinal alcohol up front with a flowery aroma behind it. Taste starts with sweet caramel followed by a touch of spicy pepper. As I swallow I get lots of complex oak, leather, a touch of…

@quirkzooBy @quirkzoo7 years ago 0 291

Caol Ila 12 Year Old

My Introduction to Islay Caol Ila 12 Year Old

I am interested in exploring peated whiskies and from reading reviews of several entry level Islays this seemed to be the best place to start.I would love to say the nose smells like peat but I honestly…

@quirkzooBy @quirkzoo10 years ago 0 185

Maker's Mark

My Everyday Whiskey Maker's Mark

This is my "go to" whiskey with a wonderful balance of flavor and price :)Make no mistake this is an everyday whiskey, though I try my best not to drink it everyday. The nose is clean with both lightly…

@quirkzooBy @quirkzoo10 years ago 0 280