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Maker's Mark

My Everyday Whiskey

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@quirkzooReview by @quirkzoo

27th Feb 2010


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This is my "go to" whiskey with a wonderful balance of flavor and price :)

Make no mistake this is an everyday whiskey, though I try my best not to drink it everyday. The nose is clean with both lightly woodsy aromas complimenting a caramel and vanilla sweetness. In the mouth there is some warmth from the 45% ABV but without any harshness that lower tier alcohols can sometimes have. On the palate it reflects the nose, more wood, caramel and vanilla. There are no surprises here which can be a good thing or a bad thing. The finish is not particularly and after a couple of minutes the flavors have faded into my mouth,

Maker's Mark is what it is, it exists on the higher end of mass produced bourbons but does not claim to be a refined and complex single malt. It also comes in at a very affordable price which means I don't mind blending it a little apple, peach, passionfruit juice or even using a little while cooking.

I enjoy it as a nice clean whiskey when I don't need anything more.

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markjedi1 commented

Nice review, quirkzoo! I have this bottle in my cabinet, but haven't gotten round to opening the bottle yet. This review makes me want to give it a go right now! :-)

10 years ago 0

quirkzoo commented

whoops, I meant to say that, "The finish is not particularly LONG and after a couple of minutes..."

10 years ago 0

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