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Aberlour 12 Year Old Double Cask Matured

A sweet smile

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@conorrobReview by @conorrob

1st Oct 2013


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I tried and reviewed the Aberlour 10 around a week ago and loved it so it only seemed right that I should meet its older brother. I was excited about this one as the bottle for me really adds a sense of occasion I felt was slightly lacking with the 10. Obviously being between £10 - £15 more than the 10 I am not expecting a greater whisky... more a refinement.

Nose:The dark chocolate I found a real delight in the 10 has disappeared. Replaced by a sweeter scent of brown sugar gently boiling... not quite caramelised but almost. Cherry appears as an afterthought and adds a nice touch to the scent. Theres something else, maybe some sort of nut (walnut?) but unfortunately my nose obviously hasn't developed enough to place it.

Palate: Wow, for me the 10 was confusing. The elements in their youth were all fighting to gain supremacy. In the 12 They have settled and decided on their prevalence. A gentle smoke tantalises as the sweetness of cherries and the brown sugar that at this point has caramelised completely.

Finish: The perfect level of finishes for me. The tongue tingles as spice enters the fray, the sweetness fades slightly. Raisins finally make a long awaited entry but not in an intrusive way. In fact I can still taste them now several minutes after finishing my dram.

I cannot fault this bottle at the price. For me its a strong favourite, nothing I have tasted quite makes me smile as much as this one. Don't get me wrong its not in my top 5 but the smile is worth so much more. Nothing would be more pleasant than a second dram but unfortunately I decided to try the 10 first to get a direct comparison. What a shame. Don't think I will ever be without a bottle of this one and must say as a double cask it walks all over the similarly priced Glenmorangie Lasanta. Can't wait to see how this bottle matures (if I can wait long enough to let it!)

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conorrob commented

A touch of water brings out the best of this dram. Just a few drops really helps it open up allowing the nose to develop and palate to soften, rounding the rough edges of this relatively young whisky and forcing it to act older.

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