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Aberlour A'bunadh

Batch #21. Took A While.

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@BlueNoteReview by @BlueNote

5th Oct 2010


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I bought this bottle of batch 21 almost a year ago. Tried it several times (about a third of the bottle) and didn't like it very much. I couldn't get past the massive alcohol bite, even with a good dash of water. I pulled it out again last weekend determined to give it a good try and either get to like it or give it away. As it turns out, the only way it will be leaving this house is empty. I finally got it. Tried it neat and let it roll around in the mouth long enough for that big sherry bomb to explode. Wow! Watered it down a bit and liked it even more.

Goes to show you not to give up on any good malt without giving it plenty of opportunity to shine. I'm not real good at pinpointing flavours and scents, but I get a fairly distinct sour orangey chocolate hit on the back of the tongue, and a long finish with the sherry lingering long after the swallow.

I could smell the sherry residue in the unwashed glass from accross the room the following morning. I'm thinking about picking up a bottle of batch #28, currently available at the local liquor store.

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LeFrog commented

This is a big whisky to get your senses around!

12 years ago 0

dbk commented

Batch 28 is superb! Definitely get yourself a bottle while you still can.

12 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

@BlueNote, very glad that you figured out how to appreciate this type of whisky ! Now and then I will drink about a half ounce (15ml) over a half hour period ... just by taking the smallest sip possible, and letting the sherry explode on the tounge; it then self-dilutes with saliva, and slowly and luciously over the minute, filters down, with no burn at all. Any more than that would be almost wasting it :)

The #28 is magnificent ... do go for it. And, if you can, try Macallan Cask Strength as well.

12 years ago 0

LeBudfrumHull commented

@AboutChoice Oh yeah , Abunadh is a huge whiskey that needs to be taken very slowly and with tiny sips... or else your head will explode ! (j/k) I was amazed of the the heat that the whiskey generated when I first sipped it , but there never was any burn. Amazing stuff.

12 years ago 0

Wills commented

My bottle of #34 is still waiting to be opened. I think it's very interesting that so many pple needed their time to like the A'bunadh. Seems to be a trouble-maker, I guess I'll love it :)

11 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

@Will, let us know when you open your #34 ... best with a special friend on a special occasion :) I haven't tasted mine for months now ... because I usually am in the mood for a 40-46% dram, and don't want to bother with cutting the concentrate and finding the optimum ratio of whisky:water. Another great and wondrous sherry bomb is Glendronach 15 Revival (already at 46%), but compared at the same abv, A'bunadh is a much better value !

11 years ago 0

BlueNote commented

Changed my opinion again on this one. I'm back to not liking it much. Finding the finish quite bitter. Probably won't buy another one. There are Glendronachs, Macallans and other Aberlours that I like better.

10 years ago 0

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