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Aberlour A'bunadh

Oh Ma Sherry!

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@j0h3llReview by @j0h3ll

16th May 2011


Aberlour A'bunadh
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My first ever review on my first ever cask strength whisky, so this must be taken with a grain of salt. I also do not consider myself an expert taster anyway... So be warned. Yet, I believe this to be quite an impartial review since I do not find myself usually attracted to huge sherry characters, although i do find them quite enjoyable from time to time.

This review is for batch #33 bottled at 60.5% ABV.

Nose: Obviously a huge sherry impact, although the wine effect is not a tingling and dramatic as on many others. I also detect orange marmalade, subtle honey and a refreshing ziff of citrus. Some water reveals some double-cream toffee and dark chocolate with a more up-front sweetness that is even more inviting. Very pleasant and balanced overall.

Palate: Taken neat, the alcoholic burn is quite predominant, or even a little harsh. I find that the addition of water does make the overall tasting experience more pleasurable, although the impact on the mouth-feel makes you want to "tough it out". Very full bodied. Some initial leather, sherry and spirit notes morph into a gentle sweetness of honey, toffee and raisins that is never cloying, although very forward. Slowly evolves into a gentle citrus tang that evens the sweetness very nicely. Great balance once the alcoholic kick dies out. Absolutely grandiose, textured and potent mouthfeel that sadly suffers from the addition of water... A very meaty and chewable whisky that is surely more multi-layered than my newbie taste-buds might allow me to account for.

Finish: A very warming, dry and glorious glow that goes on for a long, long time. Obviously the alcohol hits very quickly when taken neat, which really adds to the pleasure. An excellent cold-night-by-the-fire whisky. Really one of the best finish I've tasted, and especially for a Speysider.

Overall a very classy and elegant whisky that represents REAL value. I recommend trying it neat first; then slowly add water until the initial alcoholic kick becomes tolerable while not sacrifying too much of that glorious thick and oily mouth feel...

Slainte! -J

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Lars commented

Great review, I have a bottle of the Batch 30 waiting for Fathers day for me. For sale currently they have batch 30 and 35 here.

12 years ago 0

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