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Aberlour A'bunadh

Just Add Water (Batch 40)

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@AKGcandlefishReview by @AKGcandlefish

25th Dec 2012


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Color: rose-tinted deep amber.

Nose: Heavy sherry influence with an aroma of mulling spices and lemon zest. Fresh-baked cinnamon orange rolls, caramel apples, candied pears, and rainier cherries dipped in vanilla yogurt.

Body: Very full and creamy before adding water.

Palate: At 60% alcohol, that's all you'll taste before adding water. I gave it about a teaspoon of water per an ounce of whiskey. Now it's a veritable bake sale of decadent strudels, danishes, cakes, and scones. Fresh fruits and nuts throughout. I swear I taste honey-drizzled baklava (a nice treat, since I recently acquired an allergy to walnuts). But be careful: by the time you realize what you're tasting, you might already be drunk (I was!).

Finish: Long, warm finish of languishing cinnamon and dark chocolate.

Merry Christmas to me! The wife and I decided to do "grown up" Christmas tonight to get our gifts to each other out of the way and focus on the kiddos in the morning. This was one near the top of my wish list, and my only regret is that the wide-mouthed bottle prevents me from installing it into my wall-mounted bar (see my profile pic). This isn't the most unique Scotch I've ever tasted, but it raises the game for a flavor-profile I've experienced elsewhere. This one will be fun to share with the family when they visit tomorrow afternoon.

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mattberg commented

Been drinking this for a few years... great Christmas dram!... Have enjoyed half a bottle of batch 44 over the past few days.... super-intense liquorice bomb, I normally leave for a month and then enjoy the other half... normally throws up alsorts of surprises.

10 years ago 0

AKGcandlefish commented

I plan on sipping mine a good deal more slowly, but I do stop and smell the bottle every time I pass it.

10 years ago 0

AKGcandlefish commented

I had to update my scores. The more time I spend with this one, the more miraculous it tastes. I love this whiskey.

10 years ago 0

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