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12th Apr 2014


Aberlour A'bunadh
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It has a rich, ruddy, Bourbon-like color.

The nose is extremely pleasant: strawberry, dried fruit and caramelized citrus. There is no trace of peat. Without water, it hits the tongue like a mallet of sweetness and quickly evaporates into the head, leaving behind a sort of nutty impression that lasts quite awhile. The nose is as close to perfume as I have experienced in a Scotch and has a romantic feeling to me. Spring flowers are mixed with home-cooked desserts.

Water indeed releases its character. It washes over the tongue like chocolate mixed with fruit, rich and substantial, yet sweet as a cherry blossom.

The finish is quite long. Even with water, the viscosity is great. I believe this is what you call a "full-bodied" whisky. It's almost buttery.

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Victor commented

@SimeonSanchez, for your review to be useful, we need to know which batch number of Aberlour A'bunadh you are reviewing. Each batch is unique, and some batches are pretty far from others in character. Also some batches are extremely well liked, and others not so much. There is a lot of discussion on the differences among batches of A'bunadh on Connosr.

10 years ago 0

SimeonSanchez commented

I just noticed that issue. I've got Batch No. 44. I believe someone else gave the same batch a score around 95, so it would seem I was fortunate.

10 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

@simeonsanchez' comment hasn't been moderated yet, but my guess from the description would be batch 44. That was the most recent batch at 59.7%. The one before that would be 28, and 18 before that, and I don't know too many people with intact bottles of those (though I did experience an adulterated bottle).

I really enjoyed the 44 as well. I'm looking forward to trying the 45 in 2 weeks.

10 years ago 0