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Aberlour A'bunadh

Quick, some put my mouth out!

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@yossiyitzakReview by @yossiyitzak

31st Aug 2009


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I've often wondered how the carnival side show people were able to do the things they could. E.G. bang a nail into their face, swallow a sword or eat fire. In the case of the A'Bundah I would say that a fire eater would have no problems drinking this stuff.

Before I got forward, let me tell you, this is a positive review! The burn-i-ness is all part of the experience.

I'm not one usually one for an over sherried drop but this one, in the right mood is just top notch. Very sherry-grapey, dried fruits, waxy on the tongue, cinnamon, nutmeg and napalm.

The finish lasts forever-and-ever. Drink this stuff when you're pissed off.

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Stephen commented

good review, this is on my wishlist!

10 years ago 0

jeduardo commented

luv this stuff.. This is my favorite.

10 years ago 0

RobMillenaar commented

I'm a big fan; I just love it. My advise at full strength: take small sips and you don't even have to be pissed off..

10 years ago 0

yossiyitzak commented

The stuff is so good, it's hard to take smaller sips :) Will try that though. I imagine it'll still be a little like drinking a propane fire, but, in a good way.

10 years ago 0

dXIIIr commented

I drank this the first time on a cold winterday. It was outside, and the whisky was as cold as the hipflask it was poured out of. Sublime! I bought a bottle myself only a week thereafter. I must add that I don't know what batch is was the first time, but that first experience with the A'bunadh wasn't repeated with my own bottle. Maybe I should try cooling the bottle (or a hipflask)? This really takes away the edge of the sharpness, and gives it a syruppy feel...Don't get me wrong, all in all it's a great dram even if it's not cooled. But I would rather cool the whisky than add a drop of water.

10 years ago 0

yossiyitzak commented

Last night, really, for no good reason, I was in a pissy mood. I was poking about Connosr and decided to revisit some of my reviews. Upon re-reading this one I remembered that I thought this would be a good dram to have when angry.

I filled the Glencairn and added just a wee bit-o-water and bam! After the 3rd sip I was less angry. Thank you Aberlour A'bunadh!

It is nice to know that one can go to a review on Connosr (even if it is my own review) to get a dram suggestion for the night. Thanks for all you do @Jean-Luc!

Oh yeah, I hadn't realized it at the time but, according to my wife, I would not stop nosing the A'bunadh. She said "you're supposed to drink it, not huff it!" This is some nice stuff to huff, indeed!

Cheers, YY

9 years ago 0

Matthew_Gidley commented

I lifted a bottle of this from my mate's whisky collection the night he died. I'm sure he wouldn't have minded. I have a nip on the anniversary every year, just to say 'cheers' to the silly sod. It's dynamite. Burn baby, burn.

9 years ago 0

Reece3253 commented

I wouldn suggest for your next drink try a couple of drops of water. Maybe a teaspoon to balance it out and take the alchohol ontent down. It'll keep the flavor and even open it up a bit more. Love this stuff!!!

8 years ago 0

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