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Aberlour A'bunadh

On a cold winterday..

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@dXIIIrReview by @dXIIIr

15th Oct 2009


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First experience:

I drank this the first time on a cold winterday. It was outside, and the whisky was as cold as the hipflask it was poured out of. Sublime! I bought a bottle myself only a week thereafter. I must add that I don't know what batch is was the first time, but that first experience with the A'bunadh wasn't repeated with my own bottle.

Maybe I should try cooling the bottle (or a hipflask)? This really takes away the edge of the sharpness, and gives it a syruppy feel...Don't get me wrong, all in all it's a great dram even if it's not cooled. But I would rather cool the whisky than add a drop of water.

My own batch n°25:

The A'bunadh batch n°25 kicks off quite sharp with hints of wood, dried fuits and even sand and chocolate. It kind of reminds me of a Banyuls, which is a sweet red wine and (off course) Oloroso sherry. Once you get used to the sharpness of te alcohol, some sticky, sweet scents of dried fruits take the upper hand covering some hints of tobacco.

When you finally get to tasting, the wood, chocolate and dried fruits will not remain unnoticed even 'though you might get the feeling your tongue is on fire. This full bodied dram's taste will seem to linger on forever...

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galg commented

i also have the batch 25, and as much as Murray says its not the greatest batch,i love that one. wonderful for winter nights, and when u are feeling a bit sick. it's insanely sweet, and oaky. love it.

11 years ago 0

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