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Amrut Fusion

Leaf Mold

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

11th Apr 2011


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The name 'Fusion' refers to the use of two kinds of barley. Apart from the locally grown unpeated Indian malt (75%), peated Scottish malt (25%) was also part of the mash bill. Hence the predicate 'East meets West' on the back label. I had read quite a few raving reviews about this Amrut and Jim Murray even gave it a whopping 97 points in his famous bible! I brace myself.

The nose differs quite a bit from the regular peated version. I get a lot of aromas that I would associated with a forrest: humus, grass, moss and fallen leaves. Tea. But where is the peat? I get some exotic fruits and vanilla, but in all honesty, I find the nose rather weak and closed.

The attack is feisty with pepper, followed by exotic fruits such as pineapple, apricot and papaya, with a touch of lime in the background. The spices fade.

The finish is long on pepper and oak.

The nose is a bit of a let down, I must say. I had expected more. Perhaps batch 5 wasn't up to standards? Who knows? But this one sure doesn't come near Jim's score (although that was indeed a different batch). Pity.

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HP12 commented

@markjedi1 It's good to see that Amrut Fushion offers batch numbers as a reference point from which we can compare (it would be nice to see this as an industry standard). I've got a bottle of AF from batch #7 that I have not yet opened but look forward to it.

As a novice, I look forward to comparing the tasting notes shared by you, Murray and my own experience. What a great way to learn! Thanks for yet another useful review!

8 years ago 0

HP12 commented

I meant to add to the tasting notes comparison's that I will be referencing are the other reviews from within the Whisky Connsor community and other online resources. This is part of the fun and education...picking thru what others experience, trying to identify the flavors others describe while making independent observations and notes in an effort to build knowledge and experience about the whisky journey.

8 years ago 0

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