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anCnoc 12 Year Old

A scotch for a sunny summer day.

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29th Jan 2012


anCnoc 12 Year Old
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Nose: Right off the top I get a strong presence of tart apple--granny smith apple, or apple jolly rancher. Then, green grapes and honeyed lemon/lime.

Taste: On the tongue the first arrivals is that of creamy honeyed barley for just a quick moment, then the zesty fruits start coming out --with the exception of the apple, surprisingly. The malty tastes come back as you swallow, more subtly than the arrival and with a bit of pepper now. Very smooth.

Water rounds out the zesty flavours, much better kept neat.

Finish: For a light whisky this has a longer and more complex finish than you'd expect. The malty notes return as the fruitiness fades, evolving with pepper to vanilla oak then stewed camomile tea with honey.

Summary: This whisky is currently my first choice if I'm looking for a change of pace from the smoky, peaty varieties that I generally tend to gravitate more towards. An excellent value for the price too!

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FMichael commented

Nice review...This is why I don't do them; my ability to pick out certain scents/flavours is somewhat limited...The granny smith apple that you got on the nose is exactly what I'm talking about; I could smell "something", but wasn't able to put a finger on it...Now that you pointed it out - I do in fact find the "tartness" in this whisky...Overall I'm impressed - it's a really nice dram!

11 years ago 0