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Angels' Nectar Rich Peat Edition

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Angels' Nectar Rich Peat Edition

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Angels' Nectar Rich Peat Edition

The second release of Angel's Nectar is their Rich Peat Edition. The name leaves no doubt: this blended malt was composed with peaty whisky. However… it contains only Highland malts, no Islay! Well, why not? Their motto is 'Blended by Angels, Shared with Friends'. I’m all for it. It was – contrary to the first release at 40% - bottled at 46%.

The nose is fresh and lively with a lovely touch of peat smoke. But this certainly is not the medicinal peat that you would expect from Islay (obviously, as it’s not), but rather the sweet smokiness of heathery peat, if you know what I mean. A bit like Ardmore or BenRiach or maybe even Highland Park (but I’m not saying those malts were used, for I have no idea). There is also a soft note of citrus and white fruit with a hint of vanilla and caramel.

It is almost creamy on the palate, which is quite pleasant. The fruitiness is more outspoken (mostly citrus, now), but de smoke development because quite grand, making this a very pleasant malt indeed. It even has a slightly salty edge. Old Pulteney? (note to self: stop guessing). Some Granny smith apples and some liquorice. Vanilla is also present.

The finish is medium long and gently spiced. And the smoke keeps lingering… nice.

While the nose what a bit closed, this is a pleasant surprise on the palate and in the finish. Lovely composition, fine balance. I have not seen it in Belgium yet, but I saw you can buy it in Holland, Germany and online. Thanks to Robert for the sample.

@markjedi1 How would you compare it to the Bemriach Septendecim? A very nice review, as usual.

@Robert99 Well, there is little comparison there. The BenRiach is much more complex en powerful compared to this one. It's lovely, but the BenRiach plays in major league, while the Angel's Nectar is still little league, if you know what I mean.

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