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Ardbeg 10 Year Old

Soft body and heavy smoke

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@GT2Review by @GT2

10th Jul 2011


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The pour looks like white grape juice...extremely pale SRM and very clear. A nice swirl give you slowly cascading, thin legs. Aroma is really out of sight and quite the treat for smokeheads out there. Peat and iodine are restrained in comparison to baked and smoked brisket. Rich potpourri florals and sweet grapefruit cut any savory meatiness or fattiness. No formaldehyde or over the top smoke attributes. Lots of bacon grease, lavender, rich alcohol heaviness and soft booziness. Taste is not so smoke heavy with mild peat and sharp iodine. Lots of mild and warming alcohol spice are complimented by lavender and bitter grapefruit, smoked meat, spicy sausage, chamomile. Very soft on the palate with a long stinging finish but no "heat" or excessive warming alcohol. Pretty much zero oak component- which is a godsend. Outstanding. Can't wait to try some special edition versions.

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wylcx commented

Maybe I had a dud bottle as it was the worst whisky I have ever tasted. It was like TCP or toilet cleaner. However the packaging looks really nice.

12 years ago 0

GT2 commented

I'd say bad bottle because I am usually not a big Scotch fan and I think this is really awesome stuff. Sharp brine and bacon in the nose. Pretty meaty smelling. Taste can be sharp but not astringent and not a long of "burn" or acid like antiseptic or chemical. I can see chemical off flavors for some Islay scotch but I think you may want to return the bottle. If not, you can let the bottle sit out with the cork OFF and let it oxidize and bit and open up. After a month or so the chemical flavors may die down.

12 years ago 0

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