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Ardbeg 10 Year Old

Tasting Notes Batch L14 140

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@MacKinnonReview by @MacKinnon

24th Aug 2014


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After having enjoyed a glass of this with a friend several months ago, I had an opportunity to purchase a 1 liter bottle in duty-free on my last flight. I must say I have been initially disappointed; as this lot seems to be exceedingly strong in nose and taste with a "burning rubber" chemically sensation. At first I contemplated throwing it out or relegating it to the back of the cupboard; but I have recently re-sampled adding water (and I little more than I might normally use) and I now find it beginning to grow on me. Still BIG smoke and huge attitude, but definitely complex... I won't go on about palate and finish at this time - I'm still sorting it out!!

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Nock commented

Thanks for the review and the L batch number. I just picked up a bottle of TEN with the code L14 042. So about 3 months before yours was bottled. Your notes on the nose sound eerily familiar to my batch. It has a strong paint thinner/formaldehyde note. But it is big and smoky. It sounds like you are doing the very thing that I would advise: give it some time with air in the bottle, and then come back to it. It will certainly change. The hope is that it will improve in a direction you enjoy.

6 years ago 0

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