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Ardbeg 1990 Airigh Nam Beist

Sweet Fleeting Meeting

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@DevoReview by @Devo

21st Sep 2012


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My local whisky haunt just revised and expanded on a menu that was severely outdated and as it turns out, an Ardbeg that was previously listed as simply "Ardbeg 1990" turns out to actually be the Airigh Nam Beist--a malt that I've been hoping to find since I tried my first Uigeadail. And all the while... it's been right here unbeknownst to me.

There was only a little bit remaining, and needless to say I stuck around to finish the final three drams of what is most likely the last bottle they have. :) And quite possibly the only one I'll try.

I figured a review was in order.

Nose: Pretty understated nose on this. Some mild leather, a substantial sherry presence, hints of creamy toffee and milk chocolate and a touch of very sweet pipe tobacco.

Taste: I'm getting a lot of creamy milk chocolate with a mild mannered peat infusion. Imagining what brownies baked on Islay might taste like. Graceful development. Later in the development a heat builds and the creamy chocolate takes on more of a chilli chocolate character with the sweet tobacco and leather coming back near the end.

Finish: Sugar cane, cream, leather and cinnamon. A fleeting hint of dark cherry--perhaps black forrest cake. And under all of that a faint pipe tobacco note that carries on and on and on...

Airigh Nam Beist... it was a pleasure to finally meet you.

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