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2nd favorite Ardbeg to date.

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@OnibubbaReview by @Onibubba

28th Dec 2012


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I have had this bottle opened for about a month. A good third is remaining. I only mention this for the interests of oxidization effects, if any.

I really enjoyed this the night I opened it, and immediately regretted not buying more. Hopefully some will remain once funds are available.

Smell: Still loving this. Tonight it is hitting me with the most pungent and bitter orange peel. Some underlying ginger. I say tonight, because it is different every time.

Taste: Fairly mouth and throat coating taste of peppery smoldering vanilla. Burnt marshmallow over a campfire. Salty and sweet...And, my mouth is watering. Must mean I need another sip.

This is really well done stuff. Alcohol is at a manageable w/o water level. Has a lovely lingering anise/fennel burn. Completely happy with the price of $110.00. Would not hesitate to bunker a couple of bottles if I could.

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BlueNote commented

@Onibubba. A person needs a seperate bunker just dedicated to all the great Ardbeg releases.

11 years ago 0

Victor commented

@BlueNote, there is a guy featured in the current issue of Malt Advocate with just such a "bunker".

11 years ago 0

Onibubba commented

Went back to the store and lo, 2 bottles remained. Added to the war chest - my name for the stash before I saw that bunker was the preferred nomenclature.

11 years ago 0

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