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Ardbeg Dark Cove

Delicious. One of Ardbeg's best.

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@McTeagueReview by @McTeague

4th Jul 2016


Ardbeg Dark Cove
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This is just a quick review after one glass this evening. Note that this is the general release, not the much higher ABV committee release.

I found this to be milder than the Uigeadail, but similar in trajectory. That is, opening with sweet (this time a pronounced and pleasing ex-bourbon sweetness) passing through a lovely middle of subdued sherry and peat, and eventually fading away with complex drying and spice. Lots of complexity, nuance and balance to keep a whisky lover happy. I don't find it matching the marketing at all. There is nothing "dark" here. Just a beautiful, complex and well balanced dram in the popular Ardbeg style, but this time much easier than we're used to because of the lower ABV. I much prefer it over the new makey and one dimensional Perpetuum. It is sweeter and more complex and satisfying than the Auriverdes, which I am otherwise pretty fond of. With a higher ABV I would have scored it higher. Otherwise, a winner. Sweet, complex and delicious.

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