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Ardbeg Rollercoaster

Youth and Young Manhood

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@PeatAndMeatReview by @PeatAndMeat

8th Mar 2010


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I decided to crack open the Ardbeg Rollercoster last night. It had been a quiet Sunday afternoon; roast beef, Observer, 30 minute snooze in front of the tele..

I had iTunes rolling through a few old albums in the background, including 'Youth and Young Manhood' by Kings Of Leon. I couldn't think of a more appropriate soundtrack for this whisky.

At first it's quite sweet (and maybe innocent) on the nose, vanilla essence, pear drops and a bit of Crème brûlée. But on second sniff there is a more acidic, citrusy quality which comes out. The younger alcohol is evident.

Taste, I get lots of aniseed type flavours and a numbing antiseptic feeling. It dances on front of the tongue with a citrus zestiness, but to the side of the mouth you get a sweeter butterscotch flavour which is more akin to the nose. I wouldn't say that peat is one of its primary flavours, but you have to mention it.

Finish, medium to long with a metallic after taste (which I can't make my mind up about).

Overall the younger casks really come through to make it a nice punchy experience. It opens up with water, but I quite like the more abrasive youthful edge of drinking it neat.

I approached this whisky with a bit of caution following the media frenzy around the release but I think I would recommend Ardbeg Rollercoaster to any whisky fan.

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Pierre commented

Nice review, I think context can add a lot to the whisky tasting experience. Good choice of soundtrack too.

13 years ago 0

jeanluc commented

Just having a sip of this tonight, it gets better every time I go to it...

13 years ago 0

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