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Ardmore - Traditional Cask

Not one to drink in a hurry

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AReview by @Amali

11th Nov 2013


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The story... A recent buy and one that's slowly growing on me.

I went into the whiskey shop looking for an alternative to my favourite Jura superstition. Was looking for something a little peaty, not too harsh on the throat, that waters well. Store assistant convinced me to try something different to my island favourite and try what they described as an unusual highland.

Tried this in store and actually got very excited - lovely and smooth, and seemed very reasonable at £30 a pop. Got it home. Poured my self a glass topped with a touch of water. Sipped and almost blew my head off. Where was the lovely smooth whiskey I had tasted in store??? Topped with more water and was still really rough on the throat. Was starting to wonder if the nice but slightly old and biddy shop assistant had pulled a fast one on me.

Thankfully though, thought I'd investigate a little before writing off completely and read some of the reviews here. Got some great advice - the tip is most definitely let this have a good breath - 20 mins at least pouring off a new bottle (something I underestimated when I tasted the already open bottle in store). After that a teaspoon of water rounded the flavour off for me nicely (although drinks well straight after a breath too).

Taste and Colour... A light golden straw yellow - declares it does have added colour. Lovely scent - I found myself just breathing it in through my mouth, floral and slightly caramel. Tasted straight, does indeed have apple coming through, but I tasted berries too- almost a bit juniper- found myself thinking of gin when I drank it. Sharp on the tongue and palette but not on the throat. Has a tar and caramel aftertaste.

Add a little water and the taste softens considerably. Becomes sweeter on drinking but strangely more bitter (less tar and caramel) on the aftertaste.

So... All in all actually not a bad tipple. Ironically for me more tar than peat so very different to my favourite Jura, but a nice drink and when prepped properly shoots above its £30 weight.

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