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Ardmore - Traditional Cask

The Distant Malt

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@WhiskyAndMeReview by @WhiskyAndMe

17th Mar 2014


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Well to be honest I called this review 'The Distant Malt' because somehow all the notes from this malt seemed to be somewhere in the distance and one had to dig deep to get to them, not something I really enjoy doing..especially when the results aren't out of the world. Nevertheless here goes..

Nose: Your nose is greeted with a not so pleasant sweetness that usually comes with a younger malt which is what I understand this Ardmore is even though they've matured it in Quarter Casks to speed up the maturation process. What follows is the feeling of having entered a leaking hay stack on a rainy day with the smell of damp hay all around. Try and come out of there and somewhere in the distance you can get the smoke from a dying fire and a faint hint of spice in the air.

Palate: The first sensation on your tongue is that of sweetness coming from the vanilla, caramel and possibly some breakfast cereals.. but this feeling vanishes so soon that you are left a bit wanting. It is soon replaced by a tang that comes from biting on orange peel and finally you are left with some peat and smoke lingering around in your mouth

Finish: This where the name to this review really fits this malt. All this while everything seemed to be at a distance but by the time you reach the finish the malt just packs its bags and vanishes... leaving a faint smoke trail and a powdered sugary feeling in your mouth. I'd say this has been a bit of a let down for me. Maybe since you paid 25 pounds for it .. probably didn't hurt as much as some of the other more expensive let downs. :)

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