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Ardmore - Traditional Cask

Meet Peat, you'll get on fine.

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WReview by @WaWU

18th Aug 2010


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The peaty nature of the Traditional Cask (Ardmore are the only remaining Highland distillery to fully peat their standard malt) might give you a bit of a scare if you aren't but it is followed by a vanilla and fruity presence giving it a quite a rounded flavour. A dash of water dampens the strength of the peat allowing for a breezier tipple. At such a price you can even afford to drop a few ice cubes in. In short, a good place to start if you want to give peat a try. A decent, affordable peaty single malt. About £28 rrp. 46% abv

Colour: Carmel with a tinge of tangerine

Body: Light to medium

Nose: Smooth distinct peat, with hints of fruit and bourbon.

Palate: Soft to begin with, with a smoky, peaty, spicy nudge that is followed by vanilla and ripened fruit.

Finish: Creamy and softer, yet long lasting

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AboutChoice commented

Glad to see your review @WaWU. Ardmore Traditional Cask (46%) is one of my all-time favorites, and it was one of my 1st introductions to peat and smoke. My perception is that it is quite unique, and it offers a pleasant bacon smoke that mingles well with tastes of walnuts and almonds. And the 46% gives it an engaging robustness and respect.

Teachers Highland Cream Blended Scotch, my favorite blend, shares similarities to its major ingredient: Ardmore.

I feel that Ardmore TC falls into an all-rounder category that offers good flavors, moderate smoke and engaging liveliness; others IMHO are Springbank 10, Bruichladdich Rocks, Jura Superstition and Highland Park 12.

9 years ago 0

dbk commented

Nice review, @WaWU. Welcome aboard!

9 years ago 0

MyLtlDmn commented

I picked up a bottle of this after learning a couple months ago that my great great grandfather, James Gregory Innes, was the original Maltster back in 1896. I was hoping it was a great product, and I was very pleased. It is now one of my favorite whiskys. Great review.

9 years ago 0

PavlovsDog commented

Found Ardmore at a local popular liquor store in Dallas last night $28 USD. The price caught my eye so I inspected the tin to make sure it wasn't a blend. A single male for $28 USD! Have to admit I was suspicious. I've now seen the member reviews, and plan to pick up a bottle today. Suppose if Ardmore spent the $10s of millions on advertising like the big boys (Balvenie, Macallan, Glenlivet), the Ardmore would have a price point of $45 USD, and would become common fare. In a matter of hours, I'll be in the back yard on this beautiful sunny 70 degree February day, reading my political science book, enjoying a Liga Privada cigar and Ardmore. Is it a gem in the rough? I'll find out rather soon. Cheers!

9 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

@pavlovsDog, Ardmore TC is not a budget whisky ... it sells for $40 to $50 around here. To offer a little more info, Ardmore is primarily sold to other distilleries for use in blends, and Ardmore is a rare smoky Highland malt. And like Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Ardmore also finishes its maturation in a quarter cask.

Ardmore TC is not popularly known, and I agree with you regarding the lack of advertising. Glad you found it at a budget price, and hope you like it ! Let us know ...

9 years ago 0

OldJas commented

Ha! "Single male" - and for only $28! I'm suspicious too. :) Funny typos kill me.

On topic: Yes, this runs around $43 in these parts too (Madison, WI).

7 years ago 0

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