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Armorik Maître de Chai

A French master's blender ed.

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@Robert99Review by @Robert99

10th Mar 2018


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Armory Maître de Chai is a Breton whisky from the Warengheim distillery. The word Chai is the French word for a wine or a spirit warehouse. A Maître de Chai can be translated in Master blender since he is responsible for managing the warehouse including the management of the casks which includes the blending. Now what does Master Edition means is another question since he is responsible for all the blending that occurs in the warehouse. Anyway, lets go with the review. This is the first dram fom the bottle.

Nose: Strawberry, blueberry, thrush, straw, ginger, varnish, wood spices, mint and parsley.

Palate: dried peach, straw, varnish, moka, anis, small new leather flavors and a smoky malt like Westland with some milk chocolate.

Finish: first the leather and the varnishh and then, surprisingly, the come back of the dried peach and the straw. Finally a whiff of the smokey malt like in Westland.

The varnish may be to present in this one, in all phase of it. The smokey malt is not typical of French whisky but very welcome. I had a double maturation from this distillery that was better, but this one is way better than the Breizh version. Depending on how iit will evolve, this whisky could evolve from 85 and go up to close to 90 or go down to 82.

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Nozinan commented

Interesting review. I've seen thrush many times, but I've never smelled it. What does it smell like?

8 days ago 0

Robert99 commented

@Nozinan Honestly, the name came to me while smelling this whisky and I did not fight it. We use to have some thrush in my backyard and this whisky remind me of the floral smell I had when I was passing close to the thrush but I am not sure the smell was coming only from the thrush. Maybe I used that word because I like the french word for it: muguet.

7 days ago 1Who liked this?

Hewie commented

I'm just pleased that you clarified that thrush is also the name of a plant

7 days ago 1Who liked this?

Nozinan commented

@Robert99 Thanks for the clarification. I'm sure the flower smells better than the Candida albicans....

7 days ago 1Who liked this?

cricklewood commented

I have to admit feeling a little thrill at the idea of someone using candida as a flavour note. @Robert99 I think muguet is more commonly known as lilly of the valley, those little bell shaped flowers right?

Nice review, I've found that all the Armorik releases I've tried are heavy on the varnish, some unpleasantly so. @Robert99 did this note recede with time in your "double maturation" bottle?

7 days ago 0

Robert99 commented

@cricklewood I think it did but the varnish was not as much in front in the double maturation, the sherry was quite predominant. The nice surprise with this one is the nice chocolate malty smoke.

6 days ago 0

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