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Arran 10 Year Old

Clockwork Orange kick in the throat

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

6th Feb 2013


Arran 10 Year Old
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The title doesn't mean I tasted oranges in the Arran Malt 10 years old. It describes the same mixed emotions I got when I saw the Kubrick's groundbreaking movie for the first time. The same reaction I got with Arran 10 for the first time. Clockwork Orange was violent and disturbing but it was also funny and ridiculous. In a same way Arran 10 was contradictory in its positioning on the ‘fruity whisky’ category.

How can a whisky be as fruity and yet as powerful in your throat (not smooth). I’m not a friend of fruity whiskies so my points should not be taken seriously, if you’re a “fruit lover”. And I’m not saying this is a bad whisky. On the contrary, this is very rich and versatile. I wouldn’t buy a bottle of this in my cabinet again but I can honestly recommend this for everyone as a sample. The right word for Arran 10 is interesting.

Nose: Very poignant with green fruits such as apples and pears.

Taste: Sweet with grape and bitter oak, slight salty.

Finish: Length is good but unfortunately taste is not for me. Very powerful, a kick in the throat, which I usually like (but not with this kind of fruit explocion).

Balance: With a stingy aroma and wild palate, this is adventurous whisky. I'm sure that this is a wet dream for people who enjoy fruity whisky every now and then.

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