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Arran James MacTaggart Master of Distilling II - The Man with the Golden Glass - 12 Year 2006

James Mactaggart 12 Yr - Man with the Golden Glass

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15th Mar 2020


Arran James MacTaggart Master of Distilling II - The Man with the Golden Glass - 12 Year 2006
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So many things to put in the title, it didn't fit when I tried to put this down. Sheesh Arran, thought you guys were supposed to be simpler? Maybe not, I don't know where I get my misconceptions. So it's the end of the world, and a bloody cold March night, perfect time for expecting my opinions to matter. This is social distancing at its finest. People who don't need people are the haaaaapiest people. Anyways, on to the whisky. Master of Distilling II. James Mactaggart. The Man with the Golden Glass. Licence to distill. 12000 bottles, "100% finished in rare Palo Cortado Sherry Casks from Jerez". Now here's a funny thing that 2 seconds of internet research reveal: Palo Cortado initially aged to become fino, but inexplicably loses its its veil of flor and begins oxidating as oloroso. These sherry casks failed at being alpha level sherry and instead became something else. Not terribly 007.... but maybe a bit more 006. For whatever it's worth, I always thought Alec Trevelyan was pretty badass. K, seriously, onto the whisky

Nose: Wine gums, meaty nuts - the ones that have some body, maybe cashews. Vibrant plums. Honey, sawdusty. It's a quiet no nonsense nose. Decent quality without much fanfare, but enjoyable enough.
James - I'm alone Alec - Aren't we all? you're late 007 James - I had to stop in the bathroom

Palate: This is weird... its clearly got a strong overall presence, but of all the notes I pick up, I'd describe them all as just subtle presences. It's like there's a lot of different notes fighting for the spotlight and this malt can't decide... or maybe it varies from drinker to drinker. subtle black pepper, subtle fruits - grapefruits, oranges, apple skin, subtle vanilla, subtle mint leaf. Oh Grow up 007

Finish is a bit short for a sherry cask. Feels like the sherry finishing wasn't terribly long and this is where a more "cooked" bourbon cask presence takes over. honey, vanilla, lemon zest...It's a good finish, but isn't very sherry as the packaging would have you believe. Governments change - the lies stay the same.

So, it's not bad. it's good, not great. This has some really nice elements to it, but would hardly make me pause and say "wow, I gotta get me more of this" and it wouldn't have me running out to grab a few bottles. The nose does a good job of drawing you in... the palate is solid, but may leave you wondering what to focus in on.... so maybe at the end of the day.... very Goldeneye indeed. For England James

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