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Arran Lochranza Reserve

The Butterfly Effect is evident

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24th Nov 2014


Arran Lochranza Reserve
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This is not the rare blend for Arran distillery investors from the 1990s. It's called Lochranza Founders Reserve.

Arran Lochranza Reserve is a NAS-whisky, matured in bourbon and sherry casks. Named after the home village of Arran Distillery, created to show an even lighter version of Arran. Bit too light for me.

Still, a positive surprise, because I did expect some of that stingy citrus character, which I got from Arran 10YO. It is there but it's much more delicate. I certainly was experiencing "The Butterfly Effect" in a nice way. This whisky got me by surprise, like Ashton Kutcher attending a good movie.

Nose: Floral notes are nice, like a delicate meadow scent. Malt is present. So is a salty breeze with stingy fruity notes. Fermented citrus and some toffee.

Taste: Orange marmalade comes first. Soon berries start dominating. Crispy citrus first, then some smooth and light citrus and wee sour notes.

Finish: Some sour berries and few sweet spots. Toffee does rise at the end but still, a bit dull finish.

Balance: Easy to drink. For me, it does work, that Arran has kept the palate very light. Works well with this kind of palate. Okay dram.

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