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Arran Sleeping Warrior 2000

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Arran Sleeping Warrior 2000

Product details

  • Brand: Arran
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 54.9%
  • Vintage: 2000

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Arran Sleeping Warrior 2000

The name Sleeping Warrior reffers to the shape of the highest mountain on the Isle of Arran which, when seen from a certain point of view, resembles a reclining soldier. It was released in cooperation with the National Trust of Scotland. Whatever. This is a marriage of sherry, bourbon and red wine casks and was distilled in 2000. Hence it is a 10 Year Old Arran.

I am not privy to the exact specifications of this marriages, but the wine influence on the nose is very prominent. Slightly sour wine, liquorice and dried fruit. The sherry to makes it mark, with raisins and some chocolate. Maraschino cherries. Mon Chérie bonbons if you will. But in the background there is also wood shavings, mint and green herbs.

It is creamy, but immediately rather bitter on the palate. Very spicy. All kinds of citrus, including oranges and mandarin. Pepper and ginger; yes, the oak is loud. Becomes more bitter and drying towards the end. Adding water makes it much better, so add a teaspoon or two. The sweetness can then counter the bitterness somewhat.

The finish is medium on oranges, chocolate and cloves.

I would have expected this to be sweeter, but the wine is somewhat dominant. With water it is fairly good, but without I find it too bitter.


This is a 2000 vintage single malt from the Isle of Arran distillery; a combination of european and american oak casks. There is only 6,000 bottles available. Named after the northern summits of the island which are shaped as a human resting, there is nothing sleeping in this whisky.

It has a stunning dark orange color and a rich nose. There is some spices (cinnamon perhaps), sultanas and liquorice in this. The taste is complex and changing. Fruity with a citrus tanguyness. A bit too much tanguy in my taste, but the finish brings back the sweetness with smoother fruit flavour.

This is a highly enjoyable whisky, even more knowing that a part of the profit goes to the National Trust of Scotland, to restore the paths and maintain the landscape of the mountains it is named after!

@Victor, I bought that one at Tam's Drams in eastern Glasgow, one of the two bottle I decided to bring back. I wasn't able to taste that one in the shop, but I tasted other Arran that I liked, and I was seduced by the limited bottling: that I knew I won't be able to find at the SAQ. I think there is only the Arran Malt available there, and for around 40$, it is a good price!

@Jean-Luc, I would agree with you on that, they seem to try a lot of different cask finish and experiment a little more than the usual distillery.

Nice review @Maude I really like what Arran are doing, they seem like a very progressive distillery.

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