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The Craft Distillers Alliance is set to bring new spirits to Britain

By Dominic Roskrow

The Craft Distillers Alliance, which has been set up to promote small and independent distillers, to offer advice to aspiring distillers and to provide a platform for small overseas distillers in the United Kingdom market, now has about 30 members with more poised to join.

Members fall in to three broad categories - individuals wishing to learn about distilling with a view to becoming distillers in the future; independent world producers already producing but seeking support in awareness, marketing and routed to market. and bigger, more established companies supporting the ideals of craft distilling.

The CDA now has members in Scotland, Wales, England, Australia, New Zealand, The USA, Japan, India, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, and Italy.

The most recent addition is Kilchoman Distillery, and in April Penderyn managing director Stephen Davies took on the position of chairman.

The CDA will follow up its appearance at Whisky Birmingham by attending the Boutique Bar Show in Manchester before an Autumn blitz which will include a formal partnership with a major show provider, some roadshow events and a musical event.