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WWR: Next Issue

By Dominic Roskrow

I owe a big apology to all my non-English whisky making friends for putting such an emphasis in this issue on English-speaking world distilleries. But setting this E-zine up took longer than we wanted and expediency meant I swerved round the translation process. But watch out for the next issue, published in mid December, when I’ll be featuring three of my favourite European distilleries:

  • Glann Ar Mor, Breton, France
  • Millstone, The Netherlands
  • Blaue Maus, Bavaria, Germany

Look out also for:

  • Australian Whisky Part Two: The Mainland
  • New Zealand whisky. Is it any good?
  • James Sedgewick, South Africa
  • Interview: Greg Ramsay, world whisky entrepreneur
  • World whisky reviews. Part one of my attempt to build the world’s best world whisky library